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New Trends in Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup is changing in today’s Era. If you are about to get married or you are new to the trends and you want to know what is trending and what is not, we are here to tell you about each and everything relation fashion in Pakistan.
As a Makeup expert my work is to inform you all about new trends in bridal makeup. If you want some uniqueness at your wedding so you need go to for something uncommon. You can’t just simply apply cosmetics; you need to require someone who has great hands in applying cosmetics. Someone who has great imagination regarding applying bridal makeup

Following are the some trending bridal makeup listed below:

1. Minimal is Key

We can see this beautiful look essentially having natural, earth-tone color on eyes like ivories, beige-pinks, beige, soft gold, soft browns and opals.

2. Softer and Bolder

Softer and bolder is also knows as “Smokey eyes look”. Smokey eye technique would be best for bridal as it portray boldness and glamorous look.


3. A little bit of Happy Color

Another one of the beautiful and attractive bridal makeup trending look. To create interesting and beautiful look you need to apply in on inner section and the outer corner of the eye.

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