Gear Yourself Up With Shoe Sense This Season

3:42 AM

Fashion In Pakistan

As far as we all know girl and highs are directly proportional to each other. I know it’s a lame start but you guys caught me right! Yes, so here is the list below of heels and shoes which every girl can wear on any occasion this season.

  1.  Wedge: One the best and comfortable shoes for any event. You will get the height ease as well as comfort.

2. Ankle Strap Heels/ Shoes

You can wear Ankle strap with cigarette pants on this summer season. Ankle straps is another name of shoes solution.

3. Metallic heels: Metallic heels means subtle metallic that leads to elegance and not very bling bling

4.Nude pumps: These could be one of the best and versatile heels for you upcoming event.

5. Stilettos: Stilettos will never go out of style. 

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