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Embellished necklines with sequins, diamantes, baubles, motifs, tinsels, stones and embroideries are an intensifying fashion trend. In Pakistan, you can generally find this bejeweled trend on the formal wear that is meant for weddings precisely. The merest way to opt this trend is buy read-to-wear formal outfit with a chic embellished neckline as many designers, now, offer an array of clothing lines consisting superfluity of embellished pieces. Even if, you are getting your formal attire stitched, there is a variety of bedecked neck pieces available in the market. 

We cannot disagree with the statement, “Embellished necklines are beautiful”. Occasionally we should permit our clothes to do the talking instead, during the couture weeks shows the runways are dominated by dresses with embellished necklines; and we do end up drooling at those, don’t we?  But, as we are familiar with the additional weight such heavy dresses carry and unless they've been lined properly, can make your body droop while walking which ends up being comfortless. We have to take extra care while getting the dresses stitched and aligned. 

These attires have an audacity to affix ‘bling bling’ to your entire look instantly without the need to accessorize further. That is, certainly, because you do not desire to overstate your appearance by wearing heavy necklaces with a grandeur neckline. This is definitely a great thing about these necklines that they are as much as necessary beautifully versatile for a dress as you can relinquish the necklaces. All the embellishment you could fancy is already in place; it a dress with built-in jewelry. 

Pakistani Fashion Designers

Fashion gurus have pompously adopted these glittering embellishments that have helped them revamp their look with lively repertoire of formal dresses  that have unique details. They add up the necessary vibe to your looks makes the need to accessorize to a level and you can focus mainly on your hair and make-up. Those who would still be fervent to perfect their appearance with additional exaggerations can opt for funky bracelets, studded earrings and cocktail rings.  

You should always pick a dress with a neckline that will complement both your face plus body shape. Until and unless, it will flatter your features it is not a good pick. Consequently mull over your facial features and match the V- or round necklines with those; this way you will be able to choose the outfits that will flawlessly set off with your appearance. Designers showcase their embellished necklines by various models with the aim to endow us with endless alternatives to select from.

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